• Aivaras Sakurovas

2h in Vilnius

Me and my girlfriend were spending last couple hours in Lithuania before flight back home to London. We decided to meet with her bother and walk around in old town Vilnius, Lithuania. I am not visiting Capital of Lithuania that often and to be honest don’t know the city that well, so taking the camera with me was a must as it is most of the times on holidays.

However, I didn’t want to make it as another photography job and take all heavy gear with me, which I brought to photograph a wedding there. I just wanted to take pictures as I go without stopping for longer periods of time and holding a walk.

Therefore, I decided to take the lightest setup that I have which is Canon 5D Mark III with just Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens and make it as little photographic challenge for myself to capture everything that I see interesting in this limited time that we had.

The name Macro clearly implies that this lens is not intended to be used for the landscapes and isn’t all around lens like let’s say Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II which you take when you want to capture various things in different scenarios. One of the main limitations of Maro100mm lens is that there is no zoom which means your distance from the subject is fixed and can change only depending on how far or close you are willing to walk in order to make desirable shot. Nevertheless, you can play with the focus as with any prime lens.

There are some more shots that I managed to capture which later I edited a little by applying basic colour corrections to enhance the overall look of the images. The weather was changing all the time, so the lighting was shifting and intensity of the colours in the shadows and highlights varied dramatically.

Photos by: Aivaras Sakurovas

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