Aivaras Sakurovas - Visual Director


Enthusiastic Photographer / Videographer & designer who always been a visionary and believes that thinking big, working hard & always willing to learn/ improve can make most of the dreams a reality. Since the little boy he was always fascinated about unlimited Visual possibilities and interested in Photography/ Video Commercials/ Movies/ Drawing/ Logo Designs & Graphics. Graduated from London Metropolitan University & gained Business and Design joint honours degree. He thinks that humans can’t be defined only by their profession and there is much more to every one of us, than a job tittle and we possess many qualities & can apply different skills in variety of fields as long as we are not limiting ourselves in any way. This reflects in his visual work, where different approach might be taken in achieving unique results. ‘'There is always something special in capturing the motion, cause motion means living, everything in universe is constantly moving’’

Assistant Photographer - Marijana Oleskeviciute
Passionate Photographer who is always ready for new visual challenges. Interested in Fashion, Architecture & Traveling. Marijana hugely contributes to any photoshoot she is participating in as well as making sure everyone is comfortable and helping with the little details which makes the difference. Capturing the beauty of the world and creating ever lasting memories has always been the drive. ‘’I feel excited every time I pick up the camera, because I see beauty everywhere and there is a chance to capture and show it in many unique ways in photography’’

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